Building Blocks for HTTP APIs Working Group

This is the home page of the IETF Building Blocks for HTTP APIs (HTTPAPI) Working Group.

See our:

Current and Upcoming Work

The group is currently working on the following specifications (in the GitHub repository indicated):

See also the official document listing.

We talk about potential future work on the mailing list and in the discussion repo.

Who Should Participate

We think that the following sorts of people will be able to effectively contribute to this work:

Others are, of course, welcome to join.

How to Participate

Everyone who participates needs to understand the IETF NOTE WELL conditions. This includes the Intellectual Property terms, code of conduct, and other important policies.

If you plan on actively participating, subscribing to the working group mailing list is encouraged but not required.

Anyone can make comments or pull requests to the specification repositories (see above).